Dear Mrs. Netherlands Europe 2017

Dear Noa,

I would like to congratulate you that you have won the Mrs. Netherlands Europe 2017. It makes me very proud that you worked so hard to make your dream come true. The fact that I was chosen to design your dress makes me proud and happy and also that this evening has been a big succes for Noa April Nouvelle and me. And congratulate to Mrs Netherlands Universe 2017 Pandora Den Haag. I want to give my thanks to everybody.

Photographer : Tim Rijfers, Hans Lachman and Stanley R Vdhoeven.
The Crown : Baroqco Eduardo Liem & Imelda Liem.
MUAH : Roxanna NrOne, Suzan Yildiz, Amira Abdi & Avinaash Moenielal
Organizer : Llanerita Para Siempre & Team